Our rooms & Suites

Sobriety, comfort and care

At Le Barn, architecture is in tune with nature. The lines of the old barns follow the horizon from dawn to dusk. The two buildings, typical of the region, have been completely renovated to accommodate (almost) all our rooms. Opening onto the paddocks and surrounding woods, the rooms and suites combine light and space, simplicity and modernity. We have 3 rooms accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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Chambre classiques au Barn Hotel

Classic Rooms

Our Classic rooms all face the meadows or the well and its mill. Nature surrounds and envelops you. Our interiors, made mainly of wood, match the exterior, combining simplicity with a modern aesthetic. All our Classic rooms have a small multi-purpose china cabinet, where you can have breakfast and watch nature waking up or dozing off.

Chambres supérieures au Barn Hotel

Superior Rooms

Our Superior rooms, open to the “great outdoors”, offer an intimate and spacious aesthetic. Inspired by the style of the French countryside and American Shaker furniture, their interiors feature raw materials, wood and textiles that are both comfortable and functional. On request balcony or terrace.

Chambres supérieures Moulin

Moulin Superior Rooms

Our Superior Moulin rooms have a warm, intimate feel. The wooden beams on the ceiling have been preserved, paying homage to the original architecture. No outside balcony or terrace.

Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe rooms have a private balcony overlooking the forest. An ideal place to admire the horses and the vast meadows punctuated by narrow, mown paths. These rooms epitomise what the Barn is all about: a place where the inside extends the outside – and vice versa. A warm, intimate and friendly place.

Moulin Suite

As its name suggests, this beautiful suite is housed in the former water mill that once dominated the Gloriette stream. Exposed beams and natural light are the hallmarks of this unusual suite. Away from the barns, the Suite Moulin now gives you the feeling of living at your own pace.

Le Barn Suite

Staying in the Suite Le Barn, the largest suite in the establishment, means living a little out of this world. Alone, with your tribe or with colleagues, enjoying a spacious dining room and a terrace that opens out onto the paddocks. You’re close to nature, with horses and vast plains as your neighbours…