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Mens sana in corpore sano

The Hammam, sauna and outdoor Nordic baths are freely accessible from 9am to 8pm(from 16 years old).

Don’t forget your swimsuit!

Changing rooms and showers are available on site, as well as bathrobes if you want to head to your room. Ask at reception for a padlock to put your belongings in one of our lockers!

Spa Barn Hotel
Spa Barn Hotel

Massage menu

Thai massages

Traditional Thai massage (toning massage): 1h00 – €110 or 1h30 – €140.

An ancient and traditional technique based on the theory of energy lines linked to the body. You will be manipulated from head to toe with pressure and stretching. This massage is recommended for stimulating circulation, relieving headaches, back problems, fatigue and anxiety.

Thai massage with oils (relaxing massage): 1h00 – €110 or 1h30 – €140.

Oil massage technique. Gentle kneading of the muscles, effleurage, pressure and smoothing to release tension, for a moment of total relaxation.

Mixed massage – expectant mother (traditional Thai + oils): 1h00 – €110 or 1h30 – €140.

From the 4th month of pregnancy. This massage begins by working on energy points and lines all over the body and ends with a relaxing back massage using oils. This combination helps to restore the body’s energy and gives you a feeling of well-being and fulfilment.

Thai foot massage (Foot reflexology):1h00 – €110 or 1h30 – €140.

This massage is performed from the arch of the foot to the knees and consists of a series of pressures (sometimes using a wooden stick) and draining movements designed to reactivate energy circulation and help the organs function better. As the foot is the most receptive area of the body, this massage will help to relieve blood circulation problems, digestive problems and promote restful sleep.

Ayurvedic massages

Ayurvedic massage: 1h00 – €110 or 1h30 – €140 

Massage based on Indian tradition to release nervous and muscular tension that hinders the free circulation of the body’s energy. Through circular friction, gliding, acupressure and stretching. This toning, draining and enveloping massage alternates slow, deep movements with more rhythmic manoeuvres.

Massage Anti-stress : 45min – 100 € 

Targeted massage of the back, shoulders and nape of the neck. This area, which is subject to stress, tension and pain, receives a long, in-depth massage. Relieves stiffness and eliminates fatigue.

Wellness massages

Swedish massage (moderate to strong pressure): 1h00 – €110 or 1h30 – €140.

Classic and customised full-body massage to release tension and reduce the effects of stress. Dynamic, firm and relaxing, Swedish massage is a versatile technique performed mainly on the musculature and joints to provide relaxation, tone and flexibility to the body.

Shiatsu Massages

Shiatsu massage is performed clothed, with light clothing.

Contraindications: cancers, serious heart diseases, and osteoporosis.

Traditional Shiatsu Massage 1h00 – €110 or 1h30 – €140

A deep relaxation massage, applied to the whole body, aimed at soothing both physical and mental tensions, thus providing a pleasant feeling of well-being and fulfillment.

Korean Relaxation 1h00 – €110 or 1h30 – €140

Also known as “rejuvenation,” this massage combines pressures and stretches aimed at releasing energy along the meridians. It is recommended to combat overall fatigue of the body and mind.

Massage for Expectant Mothers 1h00 – €110

From the fourth month of pregnancy, this gentle and enveloping technique offers a harmonious experience and deep relaxation. The lying down position is recommended for this practice.

Massage for Seniors 1h00 – €110

This massage, specially designed for the elderly, is characterized by its gentleness and rhythm, promoting optimal revitalization and providing a feeling of well-being and comfort.

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