Nature pleasures

Staying at Le Barn, in the heart of the Rambouillet forest, means increasing the possibilities of outdoor activities.
Riders, cyclists, Sunday sportsmen, yoga enthusiasts, experienced runners and hikers will find all the conditions to get away from it all. Each in their own way, outside or inside the domain. Structures and fitness trails have been specially designed for everyone. Paris is only 45 km away but never seemed so far away…

cheval campagne le barn
Horses at the Barn

The paradise of horses

At the Barn, wherever you look, you see horses. A paradise for amateur or experienced riders, the Rambouillet forest seems to have come out of the ground to be explored on horseback.

Le Barn, which is attached to the Haras de la Cense, the Mecca of the Man-Horse relationship, offers its clients the possibility of personalised rides, as well as initiations to an approach to the animal on foot and on horseback, based on equestrian techniques as well as knowledge about the nature of the horse based on behavioural science: ethology.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, alone, as a couple, with family or friends, there is a ‘horse experience’ made for you. Relaxation and sensations are there for you.

The La Cense team will help young and old alike to discover our approach to horses, respectful of their well-being. Discover all our offers for rides and activities on the la Cense website.

golf le barn
Golf at The barn

Behind the woods, the greens

Less than 2 km from the Barn, another world awakens, that of fairway, rough, bunker and greens lovers.

The Golf du Château de Rochefort extends its wooded course over 5,627 metres, 18 holes that evoke the golf courses of Scotland. Designed by the Englishman Fred Hawtree, it is open all year round. Between two stays, you can leave your clubs in our cloakroom.

campagne le barn
Countryside le barn

Walking on the footpaths

At the Barn, the first step out of one’s room is already synonymous with escape. Oak leaves, the scent of mushrooms, deer silhouettes: the forest is an enchanting world. Although there are countless possibilities for walks within the estate itself, the surroundings are criss-crossed by numerous short and long hiking trails.

The GR1®, which is known for circling the Ile-de-France region, winds its way between the Rambouillet forest and the Vallée de Chevreuse. Alternatively, the GR655®, the long path leading to Santiago de Compostela passes through the commune of Bonnelles.

balade vélo fôret
bike ride in the forest

For all bikes…

The Barn likes cycling so much that he organizes a group start every Friday evening from the Porte Maillot. Lovers of muddy tracks or trails, slaloms in the forest or asphalt roads, the cyclists reach paradise on the edge of the Chevreuse valley.

The cycle path leading from Notre-Dame de Paris to Mont Saint-Michel (the Véloscénie) runs through the commune of Bonnelles. Between two stays, you also have the possibility to leave your bike in our cloakroom.


The Barn provides access to routes around the hotel. There are 5, 10 and 15 kilometre loops in the forest for an early morning jog or for those who want to do some serious exercise.

The forest and its surroundings also offer many possibilities, including a remarkable 17 km trail on the Route des Quatre Châteaux.

But don’t hesitate to get lost and discover other trails…

barque au lac et fléchette activités le barn
boat at the lake and dart activities the barn

Outdoor pleasures

The Barn is first and foremost nature. The vast meadows, the woods and the river are all organised or improvised playgrounds for walking, fishing and playing.

The Barn offers you petanque balls, badminton rackets, footballs, Frisbee, croquet mallets or mölkky pins, as well as a wide range of accessories and outdoor games. Fishing rods and bait are also available for fishing enthusiasts with the sole recommendation of releasing the fish back into the water.

canapé confortable chien allongé
Comfortable reclining sofa for dogs

Indoor pleasures

There’s nothing like landing in front of a good film after a long horse ride or after a run in the forest.
The Barn has a small projection room where you and your family can watch the great classics of French or foreign cinema (Louis de Funès, Charlie Chaplin, James Bond, musicals, etc. collections).

In the corner of the central stove, you can also browse through one of the many books in the house library while the children discover the trunk of disguises.

restauration hotel le barn
Restauration at Barn Hotel

Unexpected pleasures

Attend the roar of the deer in the early morning mist, go mushroom picking, enjoy breakfast on a nomadic table, read, hidden, in a hut coiled on a large oak tree, fall asleep in a hammock stretched between two birch trees, our unusual activities follow the desires and the seasons.