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Le Barn is a hotel, a multifaceted retreat
which satisfies a single need: the need to escape.

To get away and leave the city behind for somewhere energetic and authentic, where people have always lived side by side with nature, in mutual respect and complete freedom.

Tucked away in the heart of the Rambouillet forest,
Le Barn is a destination that feels familiar, an adventure that might take you who knows where, and an opportunity to explore uncharted territory.

“Le Barn is founded on an optimistic approach to living; everyone involved in bringing this project to life feels empowered to believe that “the future will be even better.”

Le Barn is a country house, built on land around La Cense.
An old 19th-century farm on the edge of the forest, with a mill at the heart of the property and two state of the art sheet-metal steel barn.

Conscious of saving precious resources, the barns have been left in place and restored to accommodate rooms. A forward-thinking, responsible approach to hospitality that draws on agricultural architecture. A new hotel experience.


— Living at Le Barn

An honest heritage and environment. A special hotel philosophy which underpins the art of a service that looks after guests while at the same time providing moments of sharing and unforgettable experiences.


— Living through Le Barn

Here, you can walk, ride, play golf or cycle. You can tend the kitchen garden. This is another way of living, in harmony with nature and time


— Living from Le Barn

Nothing goes to waste when it comes to our market gardening. Le Barn produces, cooks and preserves its fruit, vegetables and herbs, making the most of what the land gives us.

Le Barn is a contemporary, poetic force of nature. It's not just back to basics. It’s a step forward, towards better living.